Manu Energy Systems (MES) is floated by a reputed Group having rich Experience in Infrastructure Projects not limited to Power Projects.

MES has entered into Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Government of Nagaland (GON) to build the 186 MW Dikhu Hydro-Electric Project.

An SPV with 76% stake held by MES to be floated with the rest of the stake to be held by GON.

The funds for stake of GON will be arranged by MES in lieu of 12% of the free power entitled to GON.

The cost of the Hydro Electric Project to be INR 19,950 ( USD:320 MILLIONS) which is to be financed by debt and equity in the ratio of 70:30.

The cost per MW installed is estimated to be INR 107 ( USD:1.75MILLIONS).

Land for the project will be provided by GON for a nominal lease rent.

Power evacuation and basic infrastructure infrastructure to be provided by GON.

Construction period shall be only for 5 years.

Tariff has been worked out with 70:30 debt equity ratio and 16.50% return of equity.


To be amongst the forefront runners to set up a Mega Hydro plant in North Eastern Region under our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 50,000 MW initiative.

To provide a clean and green power by using the state of the art facilities.

To be as cost effective as possible by using the expertise of the highly skilled management team and innovative methods.

To be part of an initiative to supply cost effective and environmental friendly power to each and every household.

The objective is to execute of 186 MW Dikhu hydro power plant, a joint venture between MES and the Government of Nagaland, with a total project cost of INR 19,950 ( USD:320 MILLIONS).

Projects under development to boost profitability going forward.

The implementation of projects of 200 MW capacities during next 5 years will bring in substantial growth in revenues and profitability of the company.

The hydro projects of the group are located in the states of Nagaland, & Andhra Pradesh. North eastern grid is one of the most power deficit grids and power generated by the projects would be readily absorbed at relatively higher tariff levels.

Further all the projects being implemented by the company would be eligible for CDM benefits, which would further boost the profitability of the company going forward.

A LOI has received from the Bankers of China EPC Company China MINSHENG BANK to Fund the Project.

The Central Electricity Authority, has issued Final Technical Economical Clearances (TEC) on 31.02.2014 after 4 years parallel studies.

The T.E.C consists of all Techno Economical information relating Dikhu HEP .

TEC will be issued only when the Project is feasible & received all clearances.

The Pre Construction permission from Ministry of Environment is received on 29.02.2015.

All other permissions are in place.

The basic Infra like Road ,Transmission lines & Land is in advanced stage and will be in place much before Project requirement .

NOC from Ministry of Defence from GOI is received in the month of November 2013.

Revised TOR from Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change from GOI is received in the month of April 2015.

PFC has Ministry of Finance GOI has short Listed the Loan Proposal in the month of August 2015.

GON has re validated all the Approvals in the month of March 2016.