Solar Projects

MES is a part of Govt initiative of solarizing India and envisages to light up institutions, homes, commercial buildings, etc either under a grid connected system or battery storage system. To ensure an active part in this mission, MES plans to install Solar Projects of 75 MW and more in next 3-4 years. Hence, MES has sourced and identified land and is in discussion with State governments to meet the target.

In order to aid Service Sector and to encourage Decentralized Solar Power model, MES wants take Rooftop Systems (SRS) & smaller Solar Projects as EPC or under turnkey in a modest way. S.R.S is designed to provide electricity in Institutions, Industries, Commercial Establishments, homes Etc with intermittent or no grid electricity. These installations can be customized to generate and provide solutions based on your needs.

MES also has a plan of action to introduce floating solar in accordance with hydro power project, therefore encouraging the hybrid solar projects. In accordance with rooftop solar, there is a further plan of also taking up solar park projects. To fortify uninterrupted power supply, MES persuades associative battery storage with the solar projects we plan to take upon.

Installations of S.R.S on Government Institutions like Public Health Centres, Mandal Houses, Community Health Centres, Sub Centres, Urban Health Centres and Universities, etc.

Establishment of Solar rooftop Project on individual or residential households, commercial, industrial sectors, etc.

Establishment of independent power project of renewable solar power on commissioned land, place, field, etc.

Develop hybrid solar power project with a combination hydro and solar power initially. Also, to popularize a hybrid solar model with other renewable power projects to ensure efficient and effective power generation throughout the year.

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