Dikhu Hydro Electric Project

The MANU ENERGY SYSTEMS Pvt Ltd. is Executing 186 MW Dikhu Hydro Electric Project on River Dikhu and River Yangnyu, a Major tributary of river Brahmaputra in the state of Nagaland on a BOOT basis (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) for 40 years with a total outlay of INR 19500 Millions (about $ 300 Million). The Dikhu HEP is Executed under Joint Venture with 24% share to Govt of Nagaland (GON) &76% share to Manu Energy Systems (MES). The funds for stake of GON will be arranged by MES in lieu of 12% of the free power entitled to GON.

The Project dam site is about 380 Mts. downstream of the confluence of River Dikhu and River Yangnyu, at 94.46’ 59.4”E and Lat 26. 39’ 29.3”N. A 112 mts high, rock-fill dam above the river bed of 168 mts is proposed. River Yangnyu is a tributary of River Dikhu which in turn joins the River Brahmaputra.

It is designed to Generate 186 MW of power by installing 3 Francis Turbine units each of 62 MW rating. The gross capacity of the proposed reservoir is 757Mcum at FRL of 276 Mts. above mean sea level (amsl). Catchment area of The River Dikhu up to the dam site is 2,845 sq. Km. Monsoon season in the area is starts from mid April to October and non-monsoon period is from November to March of the following year.

Project Highlights

  • It is a Dam based Project. Hence there are not much uncertainties in the execution of the Project.
  • Land required for the project will be identified and assessed by MES and the said land will be transferred by the GON on lease basis.
  • MES is having a first right of refusal for any projects that is going to be envisaged on the downstream/ upstream of Dikhu River.
  • Dikhu Project is most suitable for Peak power Generation. Hence the Power can be regulated to enable to Supply the consumer at any time round the clock.
  • The place is blessed with early monsoon which enables to supply Power when other part of Country is reeling under Power shortage.
  • Most of the Construction material is available at the vicinity of the Project.
  • The Project is having the Best approach.
  • The Govt. of Nagaland has already started developing infrastructure like Roads, Lands & Transmission Lines more than 50% is completed.
  • The required infrastructure will come into place much before the project requirement.

Present Status of Project

TEC got renewed from Central Electricity Authority, Ministry of Power, GOI in the month of Sep 2023.

All other permissions are in place.

The basic Infra like Road, Transmission lines & Land is in advanced stage and will be in place much before Project requirement.

PFC has Ministry of Finance GOI has short Listed the Loan Proposal.

Dikhu Hydro Electric Project Location

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